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Fast NLP Training Data Augmentation using Large Corpora!

Using the powers of persuasion for good!



Raising Israel Awareness on Penn Campus

Selected as Jewish Graduate Student Network’s Israel Fellow for 2019-2020

Penn Hillel Giving Week

How has being a part of the Jewish Graduate Student Network been impactful to you?

Check out Jurassic University! Jurassic Park meets Penn Campus!

Creating an imaginary text adventure game for your enjoyment

DIY Passover Seder

Check out how the Jewish Community pulled together amidst social distancing… external_link.

NLP Nitro

Run our GUI to Shakespearify your text!

Play my Murder Mystery Text Adventure Game

Writing my own text adventure game based off action-castle

See my R2D2 robots play Capture the Flag!!!

How-to-Build Intelligent Agents

Share my new passion for a vibrant new ecosystem Harry Potter Fan Fiction

A small snippet of my paper, some initial analysis between Harry Potter Fanfiction and the original canons.

External Project

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Internal Project

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Celebrate passover amid social distancing

Learn how to blog in Academic using Jupyter notebooks