Check out Jurassic University! Jurassic Park meets Penn Campus!

“You did it. You crazy son of bitch, you did it!!!”

Run Jurassic University Text Adventure Game

as part of the CIS 700-008 Interactive Fiction and Text Generation class requirements taught by Dr. Chris Callison-Burch and Daphne Ippolito

Jurassic University

In the year 2085, climate change had taken a turn for the worse, and nearly all the animals have become extinct. Penn campus became #1 world-wide in genetics research efforts to rebuild life. Using DNA they found preserved in tree sap (amber) they combined it with that of DNA in amphibians to fill in the gaps of the missing sequences. What they thought their latest test batch was going to be (replenish the livestock), instead gave life to Jurassic period Dinosaurs in Philadelphia!!! At the behest of the commander in chief, The U.S. Military Forces immediately mobilized, but austere animal activists and PETA ruled to keep the Dinosaurs alive (PETA is the ruling class of the New One World order at this time). At first everything was under control, but then an EMP attack on United States 10 years later rendered all security gates useless. The Dinosaurs escaped their pens, are running around loose on Penn Campus wreaking havoc, and eating all the delicious insomnia cookies for themselves! Your job is to find out where the back-up generators are located (to turn them on manually) and then re-engage the security system in the NLP Grid, before the Dinosaurs figure out where the main exit gate is to the world. Also, try not to get eaten!!!


Growing up, one of my favorite childhood movies was Jurassic Park and I thought it would be fun to create a futuristic world where Dinosaurs were successfully created in Philadelphia on Penn campus. I liked the idea of keeping Penn campus as the adventure map, because it’s something that everyone knows and could picture in their mind as they go through the game and try to complete obstacles, preconditions, and puzzles.

Things to acquire in order to complete the game

Penn Student ID

Animal Tranquilizer or Cattle Prod

MacBook Pro (a notebook computer)

Scripts written in Binary (that can only come from Eniac) to run in parallel on the NLP Grid over all their GPUs

Dongal. Without it, you can't connect to the NLP Grid, since the EMP blast has destroyed all connection.

What can get you killed

Try not to run into:

  • Trex
  • Velociraptors
  • Dilophosaurus, or
  • Pterodactyl (without having any weapons in your inventory for defense)

How do you win

Find and manually turn on the back-up generators

Access the NLP Grid to re-engage the security system

In case you need some hints on how to finish the game, don’t forget to check out our play-by-play: playthrough.txt


My research interests include Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval, Multilingual Information Retrieval, Event Extraction, Narrative Event Schemas, Personality Profiling, and Persuasive Content-Messaging.